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It’s no surprise that magazines, advertisers, and marketers use the “art” of airbrushing photographs to alter what reality looks like and to convey a certain type of image. Covers of magazines show flawless actors, actresses, singers, and models. We’re all aware of this as consumers. We know these models don’t really look the way they […]

Writing has always been a passion of mine. One day I hope to publish a memoir. One day I hope to have my own column in a newspaper and one day I hope to be an editor of a small magazine. But the writing business is a hard one to get into, and, in my […]

We all know that Thanksgiving is that specific and acknowledged time of the year to be thankful for family, friends, the food on our plates and the roof over our heads. But that should go unsaid. Every single day we should be gratifying for what or whom we always thank over the turkey laying on […]

I used to look at the piles of photo albums my mom had stashed away in her closet. Photograph after photograph of her, at 18 years old, in army uniform, smiling with the other Israeli soldiers on her base, depicted a world I would never grow up to learn about once my parents moved to the […]